SEO Fond du Lac WI
SEO Fond du Lac WI
Welcome to SEO Fond du Lac WI, a search engine optimization agency! Specializing in both desktop and mobile website optimization for your local business. Rank higher and get more referrals from your company website!

Local Ads Agency has expert content writers and quality content is what drives websites to the top of Google. There is more to it than just content, of course, on-page optimization has many factors (over 200), but it all starts with content created for people and the web.

We help medium-sized businesses and small business that offers services to their consumers. Services may include but are not limited to: dentists, chiropractors, home improvements, mechanics, auto detailing, etc.

Fond du Lac SEO Keywords
Everything online starts with keywords. The words you type into a search are keywords and they are what can bring up the maps of businesses that are ranking for those keywords.

SEO is a type of Search Engine Optimization specifically designed with geographic targeting in mind – this means that Google optimizes its indexing algorithms so they can provide more relevant results when someone does a specific query like “dentist near me.” When done correctly, this will show the results of the most optimized dental websites.

Once you have reached the top of Google, you may no longer have to be a slave to paid advertising if you are utilizing paid ads.

If you have a local business that is service-based, we can help with your web design and SEO to get a better effective ranking online.

Most of the time, SEO can replace paid advertising. A website can be built in a week or two, but search engine optimization can take 2 – 3 months and sometimes longer to kick in, depending on your competition.

Fond du Lac Local SEO Marketing on the Web
At Local Ads Agency, our services digital marketing is for local businesses. We help with the design of your site and search engine optimization. We also make sure your GBP (Google Business Profile) has search engine optimization also.


Most importantly of all is content for on-page SEO. Image optimization is a piece of that puzzle too with alt tags and the size of the images. Description of your page, the load speed of your site plus various other things that make up professional SEO services.


With off-page SEO, you should have citations that are mostly with your NAP (Name of business, Address of business, Phone number of your business, and URL of your website). Citations are places like Yelp, Yellow pages, etc. These are not a giant factor but do help.

Backlinks from other websites are a huge hit too. But be careful where you get them from, some can do more harm than good. Also be cautious of SEO companies trying to sell you monthly backlink packages, as these are mostly not needed. Most of the time, On-Page optimization is enough if you live in a smaller community. Depending on your competition, your local business may need more of a push with a backlinking service but is not necessary, to begin with.


Your Google Business Profile formally called Google My Business is important too! You should have this filled out as close to 100% as possible.

Make sure you have the right category, some businesses don’t have their main category set correctly and this can hurt their rankings.

You should have images of the inside, outside, workers, and services too.

Once you have everything filled out and uploaded, then there are reviews. Reviews whether good or bad should be liked and replied to. This helps with the Google Algorithm.

Answer any questions that may be asked, but use some keywords for your business, be creative.

SEO Fond du Lac WI
If your company is in or near Fond du Lac Wisconsin, Search engine optimization will help you win more traffic and make your phone ring.

When marketing your local company website, you want the best full-service digital marketing services to get you to the top. Let our Wisconsin SEO company experts work on your company’s website, we offer quality SEO services that can’t be beaten.

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Please note: Everything begins with an audit of your two main online assets. We at Local Ads Agency like to know what we are getting into before even talking about what is required to be fixed. Without a proper analysis (audit) of websites and your GBPs (Google Business Profile), we won’t know where to start. Just like going to a mechanic, they need to diagnose what the problem is before fixing it, and so do we.

Grab the free audit for your website and GBP and we’ll send you our findings of the analysis report to you.

SEO Fond du Lac WI

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