Psychology of SEO: Rebekah Edwards (Clara Agency)
Psychology of SEO: Rebekah Edwards (Clara Agency)
Join guest speaker Rebekah Edwards, CEO of Clara Agency, for a webinar on the Psychology of SEO.

0:00 Introduction
3:32 5 Different ways customers make decisions
16:57 Decision fatigue
19:17 Decision fatigue examples
27:44 Friction + Law of least effort
46:40 Classical conditioning
51:16 Classical conditioning + reciprocity
53:26 Operant conditioning

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About Rebekah Edwards:
Rebekah Edwards is the CEO of Clara and an avid believer in doing SEO with integrity. Her primary goal is to develop transparent, empathetic content experiences for every user that interacts with what she creates.

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About Clara Agency:
Clara does content-led SEO for B2C brands in health and wellness, e-commerce, and personal finance.

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