How to Quickly Create an Optimized SEO Article
How to Quickly Create an Optimized SEO Article
In today's Daily SEO Tips video, I'm going to show you how to quickly create and optimize SEO Article.

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Welcome to Casey's SEO for today's daily tip. I'm going to show you guys how you can create a really quick article using an AI generator. And then we're going to post this article on your website and make a couple of quick optimizations. So, if you guys are ready, let's go. In order to create an article very quickly, you can use Article Forge, which is an AI generated piece of software.

So, this is one of the articles that I just created. So, we have get more organic traffic with this SEO checklist. Essentially, I just put in a keyword, it spit this article out, and now we're going to copy and paste this article over to our website. So, I'm using Elementor for this process. Once you create a post, put in all your information in that post, put your title in.

If you're using let's say Yoast SEO, go ahead and put a focus keyword, add a meta description and a different title. Go ahead, hit Save, then come into Elementor. So, for this, I have an H one for the title, and then I just copy and paste the article from Article Forge. As you can see, the subtopics within the article have an H two on them. So that is really nice.

It saves you a little bit of time and just makes it really easy if you hover over the title. You can go ahead and see that as an age two. From there, I just went ahead and added some interlinks to some different articles that I have on the website. So, in order to add interlinks, you're just going to find the keywords that you would like. Go ahead and scroll over those.

You're going to hit the little link button, put in your link, and another little tip is you can add a title attribute to each interlink or external link. In order to add a title attribute, you're going to have to hit the text button and then or right at the beginning of the link, you're going to see an A. You're going to hit a space. You're going to type in title equals parentheses. Type in your title and then close it with parentheses.

That will create your title attribute. Overall, this article took me probably ten minutes between adding a keyword from Article Forge, hitting click, and then copying and pasting that article over to a new page created an elementor. For right now, I'm going to go ahead and just keep this very simple. But if I wanted to spend maybe an additional 30 minutes, 60 minutes, I can go ahead and add in some unique images, optimize those images, maybe find an external link besides YouTube that I would like to link out to. But overall, this article is decent.

I could still go through and make some adjustments if I would like to. But for today's purpose, we're just going to keep it as is. And then once you get done making all your changes, go ahead and hit that update button and then you will be ready to post this live. So, there was an example of how you can create an article very quickly that you can post on your website. So, for this example, I have WordPress, I have elementor.

I just went ahead and copied and paste that article forged within elementor, made a couple of changes, added some interlinks, I could go back, add some images just to make it a little bit more optimized. And then I have anywhere from 1000 to 1500 Word article done in about an hour. So, if you guys enjoyed this tip on how to create an article really quickly going and hit that subscribe button for more daily SEO tips.