517 | News Publishing SEO with Barry Adams
517 | News Publishing SEO with Barry Adams
Barry Adams returns to the EDGE to share key SEO tips for the news publishing industry. We delve into what Barry has seen from over 50 news site audits as the most common opportunities to leverage in the news ranking race. Be sure to check out the second part of the interview: we continue with these key SEO points as well as a focus on expertise and truth as it applies to News SEO.

[04:55] Career Path of a News Publishing SEO
[09:03] The Volatility in News Publishing: Under 48 Hours
[11:15] Topical Expertise, not Domain Authority
[14:37] Your Quality Raters Guidelines Checklist
[17:16] Page One Power: Title Sponsor edgeofthewebradio.com/pageonepower
[17:53] Get the Structured Data Right: NewsArticle + Images
[20:28] Having SEO Policies for News Adopted from the Top Down
[22:24] Know Thy Internal Links/Tags
[27:44] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: Site Strategics edgeofthewebradio.com/site
[29:58] Infinite Scroll: Kill It
[33:30] Slow Response Times Can Be Your Undoing