How to get started with SEO
How to get started with SEO
Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool for helping people to find your business online, but getting started can feel overwhelming. In this episode, Jessica Rose shares her top five, free tips to start improving your jewellery business’ SEO today! Whether you’re a new jewellery or you’ve been growing your business for years, these simple strategies can help you take your brand to the next level.


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This week we’ll talk through 5 tips for improving your SEO (0:50)

Start by looking at who’s coming to your website and how they’re getting there (1:40)

1. Research your keywords and list out 10-20 (3:53)

2. Find out what’s currently ranking for those keywords (9:15)

3. Write blog posts or pages dedicated to your target keywords (11:58)

4. Label all of your images with keywords in mind (15:44)

5. Think about how you can use channels like YouTube and Pinterest (19:58)