Road to 1 Million Clicks - MEGA SEO Case Study
Road to 1 Million Clicks - MEGA SEO Case Study
This SEO Case study is going to be a breakdown of all the things that are working for this website that has cleared the 1 million organic clicks - something that many websites are after! This obviously didn't happen overnight and i'm excited to share some really powerful tips with you guys.

Unfortunately I won't be able to show you guys the exact articles and keywords that this client is ranking for since these guys are real clients but I'm going to do a full SEO breakdown of everything that is working for them with real examples.

The first thing to notice about this case study that is slightly different is that these guys aren't investing at all in link building, instead they are focusing exclusively on really high quality content and that seems to be paying off for them. Their current Domain rating is a 36 which is quite low for the amount of traffic that their getting monthly which will bounce between 60-80k in monthly organic clicks.

So if they aren't doing link building, what in the world is working so well for them? Well from the first article that we published on this website, we've always had a very strong focus on on-page. Since i can't show you the individual articles from this client, what i'll do instead is show you guys all the things that we took from Healthline since we took some serious SEO inspiration for our on-page.

The main things that we took from them were:

1. Headings.

We took their headings structure making sure that our content always had one h1 with the main keyword, and then we used h2's and h3's for our subheadings. Apart from that we also made sure to include questions in our headings which would help to improve our chances of getting featured snippets with snippet bait. More on this later!

2. Table of contents

Made sure to include a table of contents that were connected to the different headings of the content. This is more for UX to make sure that users can skip down to any specific section of the content they'd like.

3. Internal Links

Healthline as you guys can tell has an insane amount of internal links and this is something that we made sure to apply to all of our content. Any valuable internal link was added to the correct pages.

4. Author Bios

Healthline is the king of author bios and we make sure to add an author bio for every single article we publish - this is especially important given that we're in the health niche.

5. External links

This helps google see that we're also linking out to helpful resources when necessary especially if we're talking about something where we might not be experts on.

The type of structure that healthline has for its content accidentally creates a lot of feature snippet possibilites and we seemed to have executed that very well, if you watch the video you can see how we're ranking quite well for some solid featured snippets and the Click through rate on a lot of these pages is absolutely ridicolous greater than 35% CTR!!

The last thing I touch on is stress free these guys are about algorithm updates based on their extremely white hat SEO approach which has allowed them to grow significantly over time.

I also show how well their doing for their page experience metrics, highly recommend you watch the video to see what i'm referring to specifically.

0:00 1Million+ Organic Users
1:03 Link Building is NOT a priority
1:47 On-Page SEO is everything
2:21 What we copied from
5:21 The secret benefit to this on-page structure
7:05 An SEO strategy that is Google Update Proof
8:03 Master your On-page

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