No Need to Battle Reputation Attacks Alone: Starfish SEO & Marketing is On Your Side.
No Need to Battle Reputation Attacks Alone: Starfish SEO & Marketing is On Your Side.
Maintaining your online reputation is like keeping the accounts current; it is not a one-and-done job. Reputation management – also called Online Reputation Management (ORM) or Rep Management – has to be at the top of your priority list. If you don’t have a person designated to respond to comments and reviews, our Starfish SEO & Marketing can provide one. We also teach you how to manage your reputation in-house. We provide coaching and tips on how to repair a damaged reputation, how to create one, and how to use positive comments (testimonials) to your advantage.

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Starfish SEO & Marketing Provides Vital Reputation Management Skills

Originally, reputation management was part of public relations; it helped politicians and other people in the public regard stay in good standing.

The explosive growth and importance of social media have made online reputation management (ORM) a crucial part of marketing. Reputation management now focuses on the management of search engine results as well as keeping one’s reputation for high-quality services and products intact.

Starfish SEO & Marketing realizes that reputation management is an ongoing practice that must focus on:
-Customer experiences/reactions, customer satisfaction
-Online Marketing
-Search Engine Optimization (SEO, search engine results
-Ratings, reviews, testimonials

Hints for Managing Your Online Reputation
First, make sure you have one! Starfish designs custom campaigns to help customers find you online.

Respond to all reviews – even fake ones. When you respond to a positive review, you’re getting the kudos out there twice. Use the same keywords that your satisfied customer did, and add in a few more if you can do so without it forced. If a customer says she benefited from your advice about investments, thank her and respond that you’ll be able to work with her in the future to manage investments. Bad reviews are probably inevitable. Either you or the customer will have an off day. If you let the negative comments stand alone for more than a day, you’re leaving that bad impression out there for anyone to find. Respond immediately. If your business was at fault, acknowledge that. For example, if a customer is angry that he had to wait past his appointment time, you could explain that you are hiring more people to reduce customer wait time. Apologize for the error. If the error isn’t yours, apologize for the customer’s bad experience anyway. It makes an enormous difference. If the review is fake, respond with that information, for example: “The IP address shows that your review is from a different continent than where we provide our services…” You or our Starfish SEO & Marketing will also request that the fake review be removed.

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