When SEO meets Conversational AI
When SEO meets Conversational AI
With the massive volume of available data, the rise of machine learning has been impressive over the last decade. Data is enabling AI systems to operate across a wide range of applications. Search engine optimization (SEO) and conversational AI are two real-world application domains where the interplay of machine learning and data availability plays a central role. In reality, online business owners are naturally interested in improving their website ranking and, at the same time, are well aware of the importance of providing the best-personalized experience for their website users. Simultaneously achieving these goals becomes possible for businesses that leverage the power of structured data, automation, and constant optimization. Structured data is a reusable asset. Not only structured data helps machines understand web content, but also it allows for establishing a new conversational channel to interact with users. In this talk, we present how WordLift is helping online businesses to build their knowledge graph, leverage the power of structured data, and provide conversational AI systems.

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Elie Raad (Machine Learning Specialist @ WorldLift)

Elie Raad received a Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University of Bourgogne, France, in 2011. After his Ph.D. degree, he held multiple postdoctoral positions at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada; and the University of Bourgogne, where he worked on bridging the gap between the semantic web and cognitive science. He is currently working as a Machine Learning Specialist at WordLift on projects that bring together the best of artificial intelligence, natural language generation, and SEO. Prior to this, he worked as a Data Scientist for different companies, where he was responsible for building knowledge graphs and for generating insights from structured and unstructured data.

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