SEO content ideation process | SEO Consulting Calls
SEO content ideation process | SEO Consulting Calls
Are you using this strategy in your content ideation process?

The fact of the matter is that even the best keyword tools often miss calculate search volume.

I've been in multiple situations where ZERO search volume keywords have actually gone on to drive tons of clicks and impressions according to the Search Console.

So what’s a marketer to do then?

Focus more on qualitative data than quantitative. Using your gut is not a bad option but here are some other ways of gathering this data:

* Follow your relevant niche on Quora, Reddit, and other big communities. Look for pain points and questions

* Write about the features of your product and the benefits it provides (try your best to tie it back to a target keyword)

* Join online communities on platforms like Slack and Discord, or anywhere else the industry conversation is happening

* Talk to your customers over email, phone, virtual, or in-person interviews about pain points, product likes and dislikes

* Talk to your sales teams about the common objections they are facing. Sit in on a couple of sales calls if you can

* Talk to your customer support team about the common tickets that are being created

* Read your own as well as your competitors reviews on Google, Clutch, G2, or anywhere else

Once you have a list of these topics, prioritize them and start creating.

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