Youtube Tags 🏷️ Which SEO tool is Most Accurate?
Youtube Tags 🏷️ Which SEO tool is Most Accurate?
Youtube Tags | Video Marketing | How To Tag Youtube Videos

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YouTube Tags
What Are YouTube Tags?

YouTube tags (also known as “video tags”) are words and phrases used to give YouTube context about a video. Tags are considered an important ranking factor in YouTube’s search algorithm.

Why are Tags Important?

Like any piece of metadata, your tags are an opportunity to give YouTube and Google information about your video… including your video’s topic, category, and more.

Best Practices

First Tag = Target Keyword

When it comes to video SEO, YouTube pays special close attention to your first few tags.

(Especially your very first tag)

So make sure that your first tag is the exact, word-for-word keyword that you want to rank for.

Use a Mix of Broad and Focused Tags

Focused tags (like “get bigger biceps” or “how to start a blog”), help YouTube figure out your video’s specific topic.

But it’s important to use broad tags too. Broad tags help give YouTube important context about your video.

For example, let’s say the primary keyword for your video is: “how to do a pushup”.

Don’t Go Overboard With Tags

Stuffing videos with dozens of tags is a mistake that lots of new YouTubers make.

As it turns out, this can do more harm than good.

Remember: tags are designed to help YouTube understand your video content. And if you hand them 20+ tags, they’re going to have a hard time knowing what your video is actually about.

Imagine that you’re YouTube. Based on these tags, what would you say this video is about? One tag says that the video is about blogging. But it’s also about life lessons and CSA?

If you’re confused, YouTube is confused. So if you overload your video with tags, you’re only going to hurt your rankings.

Instead, stick to 5-8 tags that accurately describe your video’s topic. These should be a mix of focused and broad keywords that you found from video keyword research.

Does this mean you should make sure every single tag is in this exact range?

Of course not.

In fact, in some cases (like with broad tags), it makes sense to use really short, 1-2 word tags.

That said, this data does give you a rough idea of how long tags should be in general.

Are your tags too short? That may not be enough information for YouTube.

Are your tags too long? That might give YouTube information overload.

For example, let’s say you just made a video about: “the health benefits of coffee”.

Instead of a group of single-word tags like “coffee” and “health”, use descriptive tags like: “coffee health benefits” and “is coffee healthy”.

Tips and Advanced Strategies

Read Your Tags: Try reading your tags without looking at your video title or description. Would you be able to understand your video based on tags alone? If so, you probably have an awesome set of tags on your hands.

Add Long Tail Keywords: If you have room, add 1-2 long tail variations of your target keywords as tags.

These suggestions are perfect long tail variations of your keyword to use as tags.

Use Accurate Tags: Some people add their competitors’ YouTube channel names as tags (the idea is that this can help you show up next to videos from that channel as a Suggested Video). Some people also use the name of a celebrity as a tag for the same reason. While this might work, it’s risky. According to YouTube, misleading tags can get your video taken down.

Copy Tags From Popular Videos: Tags aren’t only important for YouTube Search. They also help you rank as a Suggested Video. Specifically, if your tags match the tags of a popular video, you can show up next to it.


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