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Sue Pats (Solopreneurs' Resource Queen) email: (SMS) 1-408-673-7898
Looking for Podcast swaps. Interests: Spirituality, Business & Health
Signature talk: Spirituality for Prosperity
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Audience: solopreneurs, home-based online business owners.

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Creating DIY courses for solopreneurs, so that they can save time and money while starting their home-based online business and grow their businesses with ease.

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Everyone’s life is full of challenges, mine was too, but I got a break in my life. I could learn success principles and better my life. Now the main goal I have in my life is to share this information with others so that they can better their lives. When the foundation of your life is spirituality and success principles; you can achieve great heights of success by serving others, and helping others achieve their dreams and goals.

Taking charge of your life should be easy and anyone who decides to take charge of their life should be able to do so. For that reason, we are providing eCourses to help you start and grow your businesses. We are accepting guests on our podcasts where we promote you, your products, and your services. We also have blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels to provide you with resources. The MynuBeginning digital products like invites, planners and social media templates are designed to save time and increase your productivity.

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