Krystal Taing 📍 How to be a GBP Platinum SEO
Krystal Taing 📍 How to be a GBP Platinum SEO
Win cool SEO prizes and get weekly knowledge bomb recaps in your inbox! Krystal Taing 📍 How to be a Google Business Profile Platinum SEO

Daniel Waisberg talks about Google Search Console API, a solution to pull data programmatically from Search Console.

Learn about four different Search Console API methods, with examples of which data can be exported through each of them.

APIs enable developers to build applications to pull Search performance data for use in dashboards for their companies or external products.

Personally, I'm learning more about BigQuery to join this data. BigQuery can provide some fascinating insights when you combine all this data.

How many of you are using BigQuery? Leave a comment in the chat or down below.

Clint shared his insights from the SEO Spring Training on his channel this week.

Let's check one out.

So the magic number is 13. Be sure to keep that in mind when working with your local clients

We will dive into more local SEO secrets later today with our special guest.

Chris Palmer shares a quick backlink tip from a Google Patent.

I personally like creating keyword-rich CSS buttons to get that click on sites I work on.

I know some brand guidelines will not let you link headers, but when there's a keyword I want to anchor text and can do so, I link keywords in headers.

Google is retiring its ranking factors of mobile-friendliness, page speed, site security, and on-page experience. Mordy shares his insights on the edge of the Web.

Personally, core web vitals was an afterthought when it came to ranking.

Enterprise websites can be really slow, and our competitors' sites are much faster, and still, we would rank higher.

Don't get me wrong, providing a fantastic experience for your visitor should be the number to drive them to convert.

This includes personalization, etc., but these experiences will technically slow down your website.

Made In CEO Chip Malt shares How To Get SEO Traction in 6 Months on Siege Media

This is an excellent idea new businesses should think about.

Create content before you launch your business to develop that authority. Love it.

We are now at my favorite part of the show.

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As a local search practitioner and Google Business Profile Platinum Product Expert, I help brands and agencies craft successful local search solutions.

Krystal is the Global Director of Pre-sales Solutions at Uberall.

She has over a decade of experience in local search and is passionate about helping brands manage hybrid customer experiences.

She is a Google Business Profile Platinum Product Expert and faculty member at LocalU.

Please welcome Krystal Taing.

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